Jul 11, 2018

Rescued Thai boys closely monitored in hospital

The 12 soccer teammates who were trapped in a flooded Thai cave for more than two weeks are finally out, and are now being closely monitored in hospital.

The boys, who ranged in age from 11 to 16, emerged in relatively good shape, but still face possible health issues. Here is a breakdown:

What condition were the boys in?

The first eight boys to be rescued came in with low body temperatures and were provided with heaters, Thai doctors said yesterday.

One had a low heart rate, and one had a scratch on his right ankle. Doctors suspected two had lung infections - probably pneumonia - based on irregular X-rays.

Overall they were feeling better, with no fever, and were getting around on their own and smiling.

But doctors said the boys were being kept quarantined. Parents were allowed to see them through a glass isolation barrier and talk to them via hospital phones.

It could be at least seven days before they can be released from hospital, said Jedsada Chokdumrongsuk, permanent secretary at the Public Health Ministry.

Why are they being quarantined?

The boys were malnourished and weak, and doctors are probably worried they could be susceptible to germs spread by family members or other visitors, said W Ian Lipkin, a Columbia University infectious diseases expert.

But it's also possible they are infection risks to others. Thai doctors said they don't know what type of unusual illnesses the boys may have picked up in the cave.