Jul 04, 2018

Dad 'breastfeeds' newborn daughter (Pics)

When a Wisconsin couple went into hospital for the birth of their baby it was not just mum who had an eventful night, dad had to step up in a way he never imagined.

April Neubauer's delivery was not easy, she had pre-eclampsia, and high blood pressure. Then a seizure resulted in an emergency Caesarean section.

As baby Rosalie was born on 26 June, April had another seizure, and was whisked away for further treatment and recovery, having not yet held her baby.

Instead little 7lb 15oz (3.6kg) Rosalie was handed to proud dad Maxamillian.

"A nurse came out with our beautiful baby girl. We went to the nursery, I sat down and took off my shirt for some skin-to-skin time," he told the BBC.

"The nurse said we needed to get her a little formula and do some finger feeding, just something to get her started.

"Then the nurse asked if maybe I would like to throw a nipple on and do some real breastfeeding. Me being a big joker with the ability to try just about anything once, I said sure, why not."

The nurse attached a plastic nipple shield with a tube that was linked to formula-filled syringe to Maxamillian's chest.

"I've never breastfed or even thought in a thousand years I would. I was the first to breast feed the baby!"

"My mother-in-law didn't believe what she was seeing," he said. "Great Grandpa didn't have anything to say but he came round in the end.

"I felt a connection the minute I saw my little girl. I got to hold her and help her get use to breastfeeding I hope."

Maxamillian has had a mostly positive reaction to his breastfeeding attempt which he shared in a Facebook and Instagram post.

"Right below the Mom tattoo," commented one Facebook user. "It was meant to be."

Others praised the nurse who offered the option.

Others were not too sure what to make of it. "Sorry! Looks odd. Use a bottle if the mom can't breast feed," commented another.

Although the post has been shared more than 30,000 times and had hundreds of reactions, Maxamillian says he did what any dad would do.

"I really did it just to be a good dad and be a hero for the nursing staff because they are superheroes. You couldn't ask for anyone better.

"Don't forget those moms, though. I did it for them too."

(BBC News)

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