Feb 13, 2018

Chinese police sporting shades with facial recognition

Police in China are now sporting sunglasses equipped with facial-recognition cameras, reports say.

The technology allows police officers to take a photograph of a suspicious individual and then compare it to pictures stored in an internal database.

Obviously, there are privacy concerns regarding this technology and not everyone believes police should be using it. Amnesty International's William Nee told the Wall Street Journal, "The potential to give individual police officers facial recognition technology in sunglasses could eventually make China's surveillance state all the more ubiquitous".

China is a world leader in facial recognition technology and regularly reminds its citizens that such equipment will make it nearly impossible to evade the authorities.

Officers deployed at Zhengzhou East high-speed rail station in the Henan province are the first in the country to don the cutting-edge, tinted glasses in the name of catching criminals.

"The adoption of the glasses represents a breakthrough in security as the police force shifts from being manpower intensive to technology-powered", Xie Yukun, a railway police officer in Zhengzhou, said in an interview.

An estimated 170 million CCTV cameras are already in place and some 400 million new ones are expected be installed in the next three years.

(Excerpts : gkmen.com)