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Dec 22, 2017

Elephant jumpers (Pics)

"A cold front came down from China this week and many countries like Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia are experiencing temperatures that rarely occur here," said Lek Chailert, founder of the Save Elephant Foundation. The group operates several sanctuaries, including this one in Baan Lao, Myanmar, where overnight temperatures recently fell to 0C - chilly even for a big baby.

A park spokesman told the BBC that fires were kept burning through the night at the mountain sanctuaries. "We are doing our best to keep all of our animals warm," he said. Save Elephant Foundation rescues animals from the logging and trekking industries and rehabilitates them.

These colourful creations were the work of volunteers from the international group Blankets for Baby Rhinos. They knit woolly blankets for animals left orphaned by the illegal wildlife trade.

Don't these baby elephants look stylish in their winter wear? This group stayed huddled together while going on a walk around park grounds in Myanmar.

And it was not just the babies who were bundled up. The adult elephants near Chiang Mai, Thailand - where temperatures have fallen to 8C - were also fully equipped for winter. "Our older girls get blankets for the colder mornings here at Elephant Nature Park," the spokesman said.

The pictures have gone down well on ENP's social media pages. "Wonderful winter collection ladies," wrote one woman on Facebook. "The elephants all look beautiful and happy," commented another.

(BBC News)


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