Feb 10, 2020

Corona deaths rise to 904: 2618 new cases from Hubei

The number of deaths due to the Coronavirus has climbed to 904, according to foreign media.

Further, the number of infected cases has risen to 37,000.

Yesterday, the number of cases identified from the Hubei Province stood at 2,618.

It is also reported that a team of specialists from the World Health Organisation (WHO) is scheduled to head to China today (10).

Meanwhile, the Hong Kong media reported that the 3,600 passengers on board the World Dream Ship Diamond Princess which was anchored in Hong Kong for four days, have been permitted to leave the ship.

However, it has been confirmed that they are not infected by the virus.

Meanwhile, the passengers on board the Diamond Princess ship anchored in Yokohama, Japan, have not been permitted to leave the ship.

Three foreigners dead

The third foreigner’s death was reported from China on January 08th.

The American Embassy in Beijing reported that a 60-year-old American had died due to the Coronavirus.

Meanwhile, previously a Japanese national and a Philippine national had previously died in China due to the Coronavirus.