Jan 18, 2017

Female-only seat section in Air India

Air India has begun selling female-only seat sections.

The restriction will apply to the front row of six seats on economy flights and comes after reports some women were being groped by other passengers.

The six seats will be made available on the Airbus A320 aircraft on flights within India from later this week and women-only seats may be extended to other flights in the next few months.

A general manager from Air India - Meenakshi Malik had said: "We feel, as national carriers, it is our responsibility to enhance comfort level to female passengers."

Single passengers will be able to request the seats when they check in, without any extra cost.

However, the move has also come under fire from critics. Former Air India Executive Jitendra Bhargava told The Hindu: "To my knowledge, this happens nowhere in the world. Planes are not unsafe for women passengers.

(Source : BBC News)