Jun 09, 2018

Thilanga’s puppet appointed by ignorant Faiszer! Featured

With the change in administration, all three Sri Lanka Cricket appointments made last week were decisions taken by former Chairman Thilanga Sumathipala and the Executive Committee, it has been revealed.

The appointment of the selection committee for the Men’s and Female’s National Cricket teams and the appointment of Hashan Tillakaratne as the under 19 national cricket team coach, were the three appointments made.

The appointment of Hashan Tillakaratne as the Under 19 coach was the final decision taken at the final Executive Committee meeting under Thilanga Sumathipala’s tenure.

 Hence, there are allegations that Sports Ministry Secretary Kamal Padmasiri has been appointed as the authority on SLC matters and the previous regime’s activities are still being implemented.

 Interim Committee expected – Legal experts!

 The legal experts believe that by the end of the month an interim committee would be appointed or the administrative activities of Sri Lanka Cricket.

 The appeal against the SLC election is scheduled to be taken up in the Appeals Court next Thursday.

 It is believed that based on the court verdict, a decision would be taken whether to appoint an interim committee or not.

 President’s Counsel Faiszer Musthapha states that he has no power to appoint an interim committee, but legal experts state that there is ample provision for the sports minister to do so.

 “I know nothing about sports and I will act upon the Attorney General’s advice,” he had said, which cricket experts have criticised saying it is a mere excuse by the Sports Minister.

 There cannot be a different decision for badminton in Sri Lanka and cricket. Similarly, ghere cannot be a separate law for the former Sports Minister Dayasiri Jayasekara and current Sports Minister Faiszer Musthapha. Musthapha had appointed the Sports Ministry Secretary Kamal Padmasiri as the competent authority for Sri Lanka Cricket recently. Yet some have criticised the Sports Minister for having appointed the Sports Ministry Secretary as the competent authority without appointing an interim committee.

Cricket experts are of the view that a group of persons who are knowledgeable about the game of cricket, and in the know about the current and former cricket administration should be appointed at this juncture.


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