Apr 23, 2018

Ranjan reveals Thilanga’s misdeeds!

On the pretext of constructing a cricket academy, the Chairman of the Cricket Board Thilanga Sumathipala had given Rs. 25 million to a monk, said Social Empowerment and Welfare State Minister Ranjan Ramanayake at a press briefing held at his home today.

Although all cheques of the Cricket Board are usually printed, this cheque was hand written, he revealed.

Ramanayake provided the journalists with copies of the  cheque but had blocked out the name of the monk and refused to divulge his identity on moral grounds.

He also alleged that the Cricket Board had spend Rs. One million for the book Lion’s Pride and in addition had printed another book spending Rs. 2.6 million.

However, Ramanayake noted that no photos of Sri Lankan cricket personalities are included in this book.