Apr 21, 2018

Hidden story behind cricket match fixing allegation! Featured

A cricketer who is said to  have discussed match fixing allegations of the past with an old friend who had represented Sri Lankan Cricket, had apparently been called before the ICC Anti-Corruption Unit to give a statement, it is reported.

The former player now involved in the garment industry had on several occasions, telephoned his friend, the current player, inviting him to join his business. However, the current player, who was irritated by this had complained to the ICC, it is reported.

The former player claims that prior to the current player becoming a prominent figure in the cricket arena, they were good friends and the former player had even dropped him home on several occasions in his vehicle.

The former popular cricketer is currently depressed over these allegations levelled against him and had told a friend that he is shocked over his friend’s sudden change, it is reported.