Apr 20, 2018

Historic profit despite loss at Nidahas Trophy - Thilanga

Elections of Sri Lanka Cricket is to be held on May 19, the body announced during a media briefing today (20).
The elections are held once in two years.
Meanwhile, SLC Chairman Thilanga Sumathipala said that although the Sri Lankan team lost the Nidahas Trophy, the SLC had earned a net profit of Rs. 900 million.
He was addressing SLC staff when commencing work after the New Year.
There wasn't such a thing as the Nidahas Trophy. We created it. We had an aim to earn Rs. 1.3 billion. Such a massive profit has never been earned in Sri Lanka's history.
We had sold TV rights at a rate of $4000 per over. We earned $27,000 from a single over. Never before had Sri Lanka hosted such a nicely done tournament.