Feb 27, 2018

Umpires object to SLC's ‘unethical’ grading exam

A large number of Sri Lanka umpires from the domestic circuit have objected SLC's proposed Valuation Exam and termed it as an act to hide the wrongdoings, Cricket Age reliably learns.

According to sources, SLC is conducting an impeding exam for the grading of the umpires on March 5. T. H. Wijewardene sent an email to all the eligible umpires on 23rd February.

However, all the umpires from panel 1 and 2 and 10 umpires from panel 3 have objected the exam and have written a letter to SLC and sports minister.

In the letter, Umpires have made some serious allegations against the Umpires Committee, Umpires Manager and K. Mathivanan, the former vice president of domestic cricket.

At very first, umpires have objected the date of the exam itself. Referring to the examination act, they have claimed that first time ever in the history of Sri Lanka cricket, the exam is going to be held on a working day. It has been mentioned in the letter that a lot of umpires from the each panel works in government sector, thus it is a problematic thing for them to get a leave for the exam. Also, according to the act a proper notification must be given one month prior to exam, but in this case, the notice being served only one week prior to exam.

Letter also stated that it is unethical to conduct an exam in the middle of the season. Currently, there are final round school matches being played, as well as SLC own T20 tournament is in progress, so it is impossible for umpires to study for the exam.

Furthermore, they have alleged that the practice has been that prior to every examination, there is a seminar conducted by SLC in Colombo. However, this has not been the case this time around.

Umpires have also questioned how two umpires Martinesz and Wimalasiri have been told that they do not need to give the exam, which a violation of the sports act of the country.

All the Umpires have made it clear in the letter that they are ready to face the exam at any given time, but they have no faith remain on the committee, Manager, because of their notorious track record during the time of K. Mathivanan as the vice president of domestic cricket.

It is noteworthy that, K. Mathivanan, Now Incharge of International cricket after a disastrous tenure as domestic cricket head, prefers to showcase himself as 'Mr. Clean' of Sri Lanka Cricket. However, his alleged involvement in notorious and controversial sagas like - Kalutara-Panadura fixing, Ragama-Saresens Controversy and ACU episode, tells another side of story of him!

Recently, he gave a safe path to his close associate Chandrika Rodrigo, while penalised two umpires without any fault, for the controversial Ragama-Saresans match. On the other hand, the investigation of Panadura-Kalutara match fixing saga is still 'Mysteriously' going on, and even after one year there is no 'proper' progress on the saga. It is noteworthy that Mathivanan was the incharge of domestic cricket at that time.


(Except for the headline, this story, originally published by cricketage.in has not been edited by SLM staff)