Dec 30, 2017

Even Dayasiri had gone to meet Ganga Maeni Featured

Ganga Sudarshani better known as Ganga Maeni, who portrays herself as a predictor with the gift of foresight has told a weekend publication that the recent losses of the Sri Lankan cricket team was due to black magic done by a foreign country.

Noting that she has made predictions on this regard since 2011, Ms. Sudarshani says that not a single sports official had heeded to her.

However, she says that the current Sports minister - Dayasiri Jayasekera had visited her and she had told him the adverse effects of this magic can be removed.

She has added that cricket in Sri Lanka is approaching a successful era.

Speaking to 'Sri Lanka Mirror' on this regard, a professional in the sport said that if matches can be won merely by the aid of prophecies, training players would not be required.

He added that it was regretful that such myths and beliefs had entered the cricket field as well.