Dec 23, 2017

Thilanga’s plans for 2-yr extension?

Several high ranking officials of the Cricket Board are expected to be uprooted at its next special meeting to be held on January 07, according to internal information sources.

It is also reported that the current management headed by Thilanga Sumathipala, is attempting to extend their term by a further two years by presenting resolution proposals.

Hence, more attention has been paid to this meeting.

However, according to a senior official of the Cricket Board, the current SLC administration could remain in office until May next year and then go for an election.

But, the official said there is no proposal to extend the term of the administration at the upcoming meeting.

He said several administrative decisions would have to be taken and some of the positions that were vacant would have to be filled while several positions are also expected to be changed.

The member sports clubs have already been officially notified regarding the special meeting which is scheduled to be held on January 07.