Nov 25, 2017

Sugathadasa track further delayed! Featured

The track at the Colombo, Sugathadasa stadium which was scheduled to be completed by December, has been further delayed until March 2018, due to conflicts between the Sports Minister and the contractors.

Under the new project, the contracting company had requested the Sports Ministry for an additional Rs. 35 million claiming that the track needs to be dug 100 mm, but the Sports Minister had rejected that request, and the contractor has yet not commenced work.

With the digging of the track to 100 mm, the contracted amount of 2,000 sq. feet had increased to 4,000 Sq. Ft.

While this is what the contractors claim, the Sugathadasa officials say the track need not be dug up even 50 mm.

Some claim that this 100mm claim is a ploy to recover the monies spent by the contractors in bidding for the contract.

This track was built during the tenure of former Sports Minister Mahindananda Aluthgamage at a great cost, but it was not up to required standard resulting in it being unusable within a few months of construction.