Nov 24, 2017

“We escaped defeat by delaying” - Dikwella

Sri Lankan wicket Keeper Niroshan Dikwella said they were able to avoid defeat by India in the first test played at the Kolkotta Eaden Gardens Cricket ground by wilfully delaying the game.

Although India were on the brink of winning the match, by Dikwella  deploying a tactic to deliberately delay the game, it eventually ended in a draw.  

Expressing his views, Dikwella said, “It commenced when I hit a six to the Square leg region. There were three fielders in that area. I told the Umpire Nigel Long about it. Then that ball was marked as a no ball. Later Virat Kohli told me not to worry about it and that it was a duty of the umpire.  That was when everything started.”

“Kohli knew what I was going to do. It was then that an exchange of words happened with Mohomed Samy. It was rather enjoyable and I feel I won the battle.” He said.