Oct 08, 2017

Minister’s committee takes badminton further downhill! Featured

The local badminton game has fallen further due to the handover of its administration to a committee appointed by the sports minister, following court action taken by a former deputy president and a former secretary of the national association, according to ‘Sathhanda.’

The president of the committee is the director general of sports.

Using his powers, he has obtained a 400 US dollar daily allowance from the ministry for having represented Sri Lanka at the World Badminton Conference in Australia.

For the three day conference, he had stayed in that country for eight days, reports say.

In the meantime, a ministry official Kamal Gamlath is getting paid illegally by both the ministry and the association as a coach.

He has taken part in most tournaments and training trips.

A sexual abuse charge against him by a girl from a top girls’ school in Colombo has been covered up.

Also, Gamlath and nine other ministry officers, although some of them are not coaches, attended a two-week training session in Malaysia.