Aug 20, 2017

Gura sits on the floor in front of Dayasiri, Thilanga (pics)

Pictures of sports minister Dayasiri Jayasekara and Sri Lanka Cricket chairman Thilanga Sumathipala seated on chairs, while cricket manager Asanka Gurusinghe seated on the floor in front of them is circulating in the internet these days.

The occasion was when they were at the VIP pavilion of Dambulla stadium to look into the preparations for the first one-day game against India.

As Jayasekara and Sumathipala were seated on the chairs, Gurusinghe arrived and despite there being an empty seat available nearby, he suddenly sat on the floor in front of them.

Both Jayasekara and Sumathipala told him not to do so, saying the picture would be in the media on the following day, but in the meantime, photographers had gone to work, capturing the moment

A little while later, the two left, followed by Gurusinghe.