Aug 19, 2017

Indian conspiracy to demoralise cricketers? Featured

Sri Lanka’s security establishments have raised suspicion as to whether there is an Indian conspiracy brewing in order to demoralise the Sri Lankan cricket team.

Suspicion had arisen because a person by the name of Pushpendra Albe, claiming to be an Indian journalist, had reported several incidents that is said to have taken place within the Sri Lankan players’ rest room.

However, some of these reported incidents are said to be false. He is alleged to have reported these incidents that were most likely to create tensions between the players and the Cricket administration.

This Indian journalist is said to be in Sri Lanka currently, and is lodging at a lodge in Seenigama.

It is also reported that this journalist had not even obtained approval from the Sri Lanka Cricket Board to cover the Indi-Sri Lanka cricket matches.  

It is said that a former Secretary of the SL cricket Interim Committee had provided this Indian journalist accommodation, while it is alleged that Minister Arjuna Ranathunge has also been trying to bring this Secretary to power through an interim committee.

Behind the Independence Square protest!

It has also been revealed that this Indian journalist had also been involved in the failed ‘Let’s save our beloved game’ protest that was attended by around ten persons, despite the massive FB campaign that was launched.

It is reported that a former cricket Secretary had taken the lead in organising this protest with the active participation of two former Media Secretaries and an Operations Manager.

Former fast bowler Anusha Samaranayake, who was once accused of match fixing and later released from these allegations is also said to have been involved in this sinister campaign while Thilanga Sumathipala revealed at the recent media briefing that it had come to light that Samaranayake had sent several e-mails urging people to participate in this protest.