Aug 16, 2017

Gura to be sacked? Featured

Following the recent string of defeats by the national cricket team and conflicts with players, Sri Lanka Cricket officials have decided to sack team manager - Asanka Gurusinghe, says internal sources.

The decision has been taken during a meeting last night (15) between SLC officials and the sports minister - Dayasiri Jayasekara.

Players have complained to the minister that Gurusinghe’s conduct was similar to that of the dictator - Idi Amin.

It was reported in March 2017 that Gurusinghe was to come down from Australia and take up the role of team manager.

Gurusinghe, who played at No.03 in the batting lineup of the victorious 96' team, migrated to Australia after retiring from cricket. During his stay in Australia he worked as a promotion manager at a newspaper.

However, reliable sources say that another reason for his return was to look after his mother who is in ill-health.