Feb 23, 2021

Manager gets 15 lakhs, only 51/2 to Vass Featured

Just days after being appointed as Sri Lanka's fast bowling coach, Chaminda Vass has resigned from that post because the Sri Lanka Cricket has turned down his request to increase the daily payment from US $ 150 to 300.

However, Sri Lanka Cricket said Vaas's resignation came hours before the team was scheduled to depart for West Indies.

"It is particularly disheartening to note that in an economic climate such as the one facing the entire globe right now, Mr. Vass has made this sudden and irresponsible move on the eve of the team’s departure, based on personal monetary gain," Sri Lanka Cricket said in a statement.

The board said his demand for an increased US remuneration is "unjustifiable."Meanwhile, Vass tweeted saying" I made a humble request to SLC and they turned it down. That’s all I can say at the moment. Justice will prevail!"

It is reported that Vass has also resigned from the post of coach of Sri Lanka A team.

It is learnt that although Vass was appointed as the Fast Bowling Coach of the national team, he has been paid only RS 550,000 which was the salary paid to him as A team bowling coach.

It is also reported that Vass has not been paid an additional payment because he has been appointed temporarily.

However, sources say that Vass' predecessor David Sekar was paid $ 10,000.

Meanwhile, Vass' former teammates Aravida de Silva, Mahela Jayawardena, Kumar Sangakkara, Muttaiah Muralitharan and Roshan Mahanama are being criticised for not taking steps to ensure justice to Vass when they were serving in numerous committees in the cricket board.

At the same, it has been revealed that the allowances paid to present manager of the Sri Lanka cricket Jerome Jayaratna has been increased several times and right now he receives about Rs 1.5 million