May 18, 2020

Building new stadium at this juncture, a joke - Roshan Featured

It is an utter joke to spend millions on a new cricket stadium when not only cricket but the entire country is going through such difficult times, ICC referee and former Sri Lankan cricket captain -  Roshan Mahanama says.

Speaking to 'Sri Lanka Mirror', he said, "By now, many countries have halted major construction projects. Sri Lanka has a sufficient number of international cricket stadiums. Even those stadiums remain shut during most of the year. According to the SLC, the new stadium is to be built from funds obtained through a loan. However, they are even yet to repay millions obtained to build the Hambantota stadium." 

"What we can do is to call for a good program to develop cricket in Sri Lanka without wasting fundings at this juncture. Many who are directly and indirectly involved in the sport are currently facing a lot of hardship. It is important to look after them," he added.
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