Dec 02, 2019

Athletes in Kathmandu stranded

It is reported that the Sri Lankan athletes who are participating in the South Asian Games in Kathmandu, Nepal have been severely inconvenienced.

Due to the lack of proper accommodations for the athletic team, they have had to spend hours roaming through the streets of Kathmandu in search of hotels.

This situation has emerged as the hotel rooms are not properly reserved.

Another group of athletes have been inconvenienced as their flight to Nepal has not been able to stop in New Delhi causing them to miss the transit flight.

More than sixty sports ministry officials and official and unofficial Olympic committee officials have not attended to the issues that were faced by the athletes, reports say from Kathmandu.

Meanwhile, the Director General of Sports told the media yesterday (30 Nov) that he does not know the timing of the opening ceremony or the organizers of the event.In response the athletes have stated that these officials are not capable of organizing a national sports festival in the country and despite visiting Kathmandu prior to the commencement of the sports event they have not been able to make proper arrangements for the athletes.

It is said that out of the SAARC countries Sri Lanka has the highest number of players and officials visiting Kathmandu.