Sep 21, 2019

Why was Thisara suddenly recalled?

“Due to the need of the team he was brought back,” said SLC- CEO Ashley de Silva, explaining the reasons behind the recall of Thisara Perera from the Caribbean Premier League.   

However, despite Ashley’s reasoning for recalling Thisara, cricket experts are of the view that as he is not included in the Pakistan tour, there was no urgent need to get him back.

Thisara has signed a contract with SLC, it is reported that as he had participated in the Caribbean Premier League without the approval of the SLC, he had been overlooked for the Pakistan tour.

Subsequently, SLC had notified him to return to Sri Lanka by last Sunday (15).

However, Thisara had participated in a match even on the last date given to him.

The SLC-CEO claims that Thisara had been given approval to participate in the Caribbean Premier League. However, if that is the case, then suddenly recalling Thisara is a serious injustice to him.

Thisara Perera was scheduled to return to the country last Wednesday night.