Sep 20, 2019

Football Secretary to resign Featured

The Secretary of the Sri Lanka Football Federation U.L. Jaswar is scheduled to resign before the end of his term.

He had made the announcement of his resignation at the recent Football Federation Special General Assembly.

At the Football Federation election in July 2017 Chairman Anura Silva’s team had fielded Jaswar for the post of Secretary and was appointed as the opposition candidate Trevor Reckerman had resigned.

Accordingly, Jaswar’s term of four years runs until 2021 but his decision to step down after just 2 years and 2 months into his term is questionable.

When we contacted him regarding his resignation, he said that at this point he cannot make any comment.

“I will step down within the next few months, but I cannot reveal the reason for my resignation just yet,” he said.

However, at the General Assembly several League heads and Executive Committee officials had requested Jaswar to reconsider his decision to resign.

In response, he said, “Those who know me have made a request not to step down, but there is no change in my decision. I love football and despite resigning from this post, if there is any requirement for my services for the betterment of the game, I will not hesitate to assist. During my tenure I made changes to the football structure and uplifted the management and staff standards. When I took over the International Football Federation and the Asian Football Federation had stopped funding us. However, I acted to uplift the international faith in Sri Lankan football and managed to regain the lost funding for the country. We also prepared a long term plan until 2030, which is now in operation. Not only did we increase the coaches’ training and exams and increasing of funds but we also took steps to bring in international matches to Sri Lanka. I had the privilege or organising the Semi-professional football tournament scheduled to be held in November.”

Jaswar (40) is an old boy of Colombo Royal College and has experience as a football administrator. He served as a football referee in 1992 and currently serves as a commissioner for the football tournaments organised by the International Football Federation and the Asian Football Federation.