Sep 19, 2019

School Cricket Assn. tug of war leads to inter-school disputes Featured

In downgrading the second division teams in the under 19 tournament last year has led to unfairness due to the dispute between the School Cricket Association officials, it is reported.

The last two teams in the points table were Ashoka Vidyalaya and Kegalu Vidyalaya but as their cricket masters are prominent members of the School Cricket Association, it is alleged that they had manipulated the points illegally by downgrading the S.D.S. Jayasinghe and Debarawewa Central College to the third division, who were ahead on the points table by claiming they had acted illegally.

The Cricket master in charge of S.D.S Jayasinghe Vidyalaya is also a powerful member of the School Cricket Association.

However, as the association President and a group of officials are not on good terms with this master, they are unable to resolve this issue.