Dec 03, 2018

More empty promises by Faiszer?

The victorious deaf cricket team of Sri Lanka returned to their motherland over the weekend after clinching the T20 Deaf Cricket World Cup - 2018, beating India by 36 runs.

Upon their arrival, the team was warmly welcomed by the sports minister - Faiszer Musthapa and ministry officials.

Speaking, the minister had said that the deaf cricket team would be inducted to Sri Lanka Cricket and it was his responsibility to provide a more athlete-friendly environment to enhance their abilities and performances, reports the official government news portal -

He had further said that a prize money of USD 500 would be presented to each player of the team.

Easier said than done?

However, veterans of the sport say that the team cannot be inducted to the SLC just because the minister said so and that the decision would have to be taken by the Executive Committee of the SLC through a resolution passed during an AGM.

Meanwhile, the individual prize money of USD 500 is even lower than the money paid for a Test cricket player even after losing a match. It is said that the SLC pays a player USD 800 even if they lost the match.

The minister is also under fire not keeping his promises made to Para Asian medalists and the women's netball team after their victorious return from the Asian Netball Championship.