Nov 21, 2018

ICC informs Sri Lanka about 20 bookies Featured

New draft laws to take legal action against match-fixing in cricket have been referred to the Legal Draftsman’s Department, reports say.

The legislation will soon receive approval of the attorney general and will be tabled in parliament for adoption.

The Sports Ministry initiated the formulation of the new laws after the ICC leveled match-fixing allegations against Sri Lankan players and officials.

Sports secretary Kamal Padmasiri was in charge of the task and he was in England with the Sri Lanka Cricket CEO to study that country’s laws against match-fixing.

The ICC has informed the president, prime minister and the sports ministers that the allegations against the Sri Lankans were of very serious nature.

Meanwhile, Padmasiri says the new laws will also cover bookies, who had hitherto escaped the existing laws.

The ICC has furnished details about 20 well-known international bookies who would arrive in Sri Lanka.