Mar 28, 2018

Tense situation arises at Maskeliya PS (Video)

A tense situation arose at the Maskeliya Pradeshiya Sabha today (28) prior to the election of the Chairman.

Police had to call for the riot squad in order to control the tense situation.

The situation arose with UNP Minister Palani Digambaram’s supporters alleging that the UNP female member who was elected was not present as she had been abducted and kept hidden by the opposition group.

Under the circumstances, heavy security was deployed to the room where the voting took place to select the Chairman.

The day’s proceedings commenced under the patronage of the Central Province Commissioner of Local Government Menaka Herath,  with the assistance of the Ceylon Workers' Congress members and an independent group making up eight members, had selected Ceylon Congress Sembagawalli as the Chairman proposed by UPFA member S.A. Dissnayake.

Since no other names were proposed for the post of Chairman, Ms. Sembagawalli was elected.

UPFA member Periyasamy Pradeepan was elected as the Deputy Chairman proposed by Ceylon Worker’s Congress member Perumal Anandaraj.

The Maskeliya Pradershiya Sabha comprises 16 members including 7 UNP, 7 Ceylon Workers Congress, 01 from the SLPP and 01 from the UPFA.