Dec 04, 2016

‘Sagala should be asked to immediately resign’

"Before targeting IGP Pujith Jayasundera for accommodating the Minister's request to see that the person the Minister wanted saved, it is the Minister for Law and Order Sagala Ratnayake who should be asked to immediately resign" said Kusal Perera on behalf of the citizens collective DecentLanka2015.

Speaking further to SriLanka Mirror he stressed, public officials are still being pressured to do what politicians want, no different to the Rajapaksa rule, but it is the official who is ultimately held responsible for violations.

"This is a classic case where the Minister Sagala Ratnayake wants his man saved, but the IGP is taken to task and not the minister" said Kusal Perera, a senior journalist and political critic.

He said, the Prime Minister should also be told, he should deal with his own Minister, before meeting with the IGP to discuss the issue. "PM should tell the people whether he allows his ministers to interfere in investigations or if he would act against such interference" said Kusal Perera.

Speaking further on the issue, he said DecentLanka2015 does not want in any way to defend the IGP, but want to stress that Ministers should not be allowed to escape, holding public officials as scapegoats.