Dec 01, 2016

State publications mocked over Duminda Silva’s FB account claim

‘Daily News’ and ‘Dinamina’ of the Lake House Group have been subjected to ridicule by social media over an article the two newspapers have published with regard to the Facebook account of ex-MP Duminda de Silva, who is sentenced to death over the Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra murder.

The article in question in today’s (01) issue of the English daily has the heading ‘Controversy Brewing, Over Duminda Silva’s Facebook Profile’, while its sister paper has it as ‘දුමින්දගේ ෆේස්බුක් ගිනුම ගැන මතවාද පැතිරෙයි’.

The article says, “As persons serving death sentences are not allowed communication with the outside world, the former parliamentarian’s Facebook profiles, which have been updated even after his incarceration, have thrown prison authorities into hot water.”

However, the editors and the journalists who wrote the article seem unaware of how social media functions.

The president, the PM and those who have a large number of friends, get their fb accounts updated through the services of an administrator.

Hiru Gossip reports that the administrator of Duminda’s fb account is his sister Dilini de Silva.

The ‘Daily News’ article quotes Dr. Prathiba Mahanamahewa, former Dean Faculty of Law at Kotalawela Defence University and Commissioner of Human Rights.

While acknowledging that Sri Lanka had no specific laws governing the conduct of incarcerated former parliamentarian on the Internet, he did also venture that it would be a good time to amend Sri Lanka’s law.