Nov 19, 2016

Treasury bond thieves won’t be allowed to publish newspapers: Rajitha

Treasury bond rogues will not be allowed to set up newspaper, television and radio channels with the stolen money, said Cabinet Spokesman Dr. Rajitha Senaratne.

The Minister made this comment during the Five Year Anniversary celebrations of Tiran Alles’s Mawbima and Ceylon Today newspapers, yesterday.

Joint Opposition MP Bandula Gunawardena also participated in this event.
Expressing his views the Health Minister further said, “This is an era where people will even kill to make money. Some people are planning on starting media institutions with money earned through the sale of Ethanol and Central Bank fraud. Now they will start attacking us.”

They start by claiming to help. But we have no journey with such elements. The media should always act with diligence, he said.

“The media has a big role to play in creating a just society. We should act fearlessly and stand up to wrong without bending to financial kickbacks. Some engage in Casino gambling and commence newspapers. They start of by newspapers and then venture into other businesses. They eventually threaten the politicians as well. There is no point in attacking the politicians as the media too are responsible,” Senaratne said.

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