May 27, 2022

Vehicles stalled after petrol - diesel mix up at fuel station (Pics)

The Andigama Ceypetco fuel station has been sealed after a heated situation erupted today (27).

The situation had occurred after many vehicles that had refueled from these stations had stalled midway. Public who had pumped petrol have charged that the fuel looked suspiciously like diesel and vice versa.

According to the 'Ada' newspaper around 3,000 vehicles have been stalled.

It has been revealed that the stocks of petrol had been erroneously unloaded into diesel tanks while diesel stocks have been erroneously unloaded into petrol tanks.

The regional supervisor of the CPC had arrived at the station and after receiving several samples, had sealed the fuel station.

The regional supervisor had stated that authorities will look into the incident immediately and the fuel station will be sealed until tests on the sample are concluded. He added that the station is committed to provide immediate relief to those affected.

(Pics :

Fuel Change 1

Fuel Change 2

Fuel Change 3