Oct 24, 2020

Covid-19 is in the community - Prof. Tissa Vitharana (Video)

Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna National List MP - Prof. Tissa Vitharana has said he is of the opinion that the Covid-19 virus is in the community.

He was speaking during yesterday's (23) parliamentary debate on Covid-19.

Prof. Vitharana is a renowned Virologist and a former head of the Medical Research Institute's Virology department.

Prof. Vitharana noted that without criticizing anyone, we should accept that a new virus has come to existence and because it is new, no one has immunity against it.

Therefore, a spread of this virus is not surprising, he added.

Even the public should realise it is up to them whether to control the virus or assist its spread, he further said.

He also noted that as a Virologist, he is aware that there are many shortcomings in the laboratory sector, and measures should be taken to rectify this.

Instead of blaming others, if we work scientifically, we will be able to overcome this issue. To do this, we need to work together as society, he said.

Prof. Vitharana also said more emphasis should be laid on preventative measures since there is currently no vaccine and it will take time for one to exist.

'Also, in my opinion, this is already in the community. If we look at the issue from this aspect and act accordingly, I believe it would be more effective. If it is passed on to the public, they too will be more careful,' the minister concluded.

The video of Prof. Vitharana's speech in Sinhala is shown below.

Yesterday, Sri Lanka passed the 7,000 mark after detecting 865 Covid-19 cases during the day, which is the highest number of cases recorded in a day.

Although the number of cases detected during the past few weeks have been relatively higher than before, health authorities have continuously insisted that there is no community spread.