Dec 15, 2019

State Minister's brother becomes extortionist

It is reported that a brother of a state minister in the North Western Province has begun demanding ransom from the established businesses in the area.

It is said that the brother of the State Minister, who had been engaged in politics for some time, has started threatening textile factories and businesses established under foreign and local investments in Bingiriya, Chilaw, Puttalam and Madampe and demand ransoms.

A company head, who wished to remain anonymous, told the media that even the police officers in the area are aware of the matter but when complained the police has advised them to settle.

He added that police would not take any action against the said person.

It is said that within a week of his brother taking over his ministerial portfolio, he has begun extorting and has even threatened to hand over business contracts of some companies that employ more than a thousand employees.