Nov 09, 2019

Public urged to mark ballot papers carefully

The Election Commission (EC) has urged the public to mark their ballot papers carefully during the presidential election, as additional papers will not be provided to rectify errors.“We kindly request the public to avoid asking for additional ballot papers in the instance of voting for the wrong candidate,” EC Chairman Mahinda Deshapriya said in a statement.
He said that voters will be able to either strike a cross to vote for one presidential candidate, or mark three preferences in the cages next to the respective candidates on the ballot paper.

The polls chief said new ballot papers would be issued only if the existing one had been damaged unintentionally.

This would include instances of the ballot paper being smeared with electoral ink, or being torn while inserting it into the ballot box.

DRP’s letter verifying NIC details recognized as valid document to cast vote

The voters have made their application to obtain the National Identity Card (NIC) can use the letter issued by the Department of Registration of Persons (DRP) verifying the particulars of the NIC as a valid identity document when casting their ballot, says the Election Commission.

The Department of Registrations of Persons had issued this letter printed on a special paper verifying the particulars of the NIC including the name, NIC number and the photograph for the purpose of establishing the identity to cast the vote for the Presidential Election.