Mar 19, 2019

Threat of countrywide power cuts!

Although the inspection of the Norochcholai, Lakvijaya Coal Power Station generator had been completed, there could be power cuts experienced in several parts of the country, according to the Power and Renewable Energy Ministry.

The Development Director of the Power and Renewable Energy Ministry told media that power outages could be experienced in several areas today.

“We have been able to identify the technical fault in the second generator at the Norochcholai, Lakvijaya Coal Power Station and we have rectified this issue. Hence, the second generator is being prepared for power generation at testing level.
We hope that this machine could be connected to the main grid by this afternoon.

However, we might have to interrupt power supply to certain areas due to the increased demand and restrictions in the hydro power resources and also the breakdown of the second generator at Norochcholai. Therefore, other areas too could experience power outages,” Sulakshana Jayawardena noted.

Intermittent power outages !

Due to the breakdown of one power generator at the Norochcholai Coal power plant yesterday as a result of a technical issue, around 270 Megawatts was deprived to the national grid from around 11 am yesterday, according to a senior CEB official.

In addition he said as the 60 Megawatt power station operated on a barge at the Colombo Port is also out of commission since last week and the hydro power generation capacity had reduced by 50%, the country is facing a power crisis.

Hence, he noted that power had to be disconnected in several areas intermittently in order to control the national power grid.