Dec 28, 2018

8 nabbed for cutting Trinco oil tanks for scrap metal (Pics)

Police had arrested eight persons who had been engaged in selling parts of the oil tanks at the Trincomalee oil tank farm which was built during the Second World War.

The tanks that had been cut for scrap metal is located within the Indian Oil Company complex and the China Bay Police had commenced investigations and arrested the eight suspects with a stock of the iron, based on a complaint made by the IOC security personnel.

These culprits had cut and removed the iron from the tanks that are covered in thick forest cover, initial investigations have revealed.

Thieves have been cutting out parts of these historic iron oil tanks over time and the recently arrested suspects had damaged and cut parts of two of these oil storage tanks.

The IOC had complained to the police that the damage caused to the oil tanks is estimated to be around Rs. 900,000.

These 101 oil storage tanks were built during the British occupation in 1924 to supply fuel to the Trincomalee Harbour and construction was completed in 1930.

These iron tanks are 2 ½ inches in thickness and is being held with iron rivets. These magnificent structures spans over 685 acres, while most of these oil storage tanks in this complex are covered by jungle.

Pics by Lakmal K. Baduge- Trincomalee Corr.

Oiltank1 670px 18 12 28

A section of the tank where the iron has been cut off

Oiltank5 670px 18 12 28
The bottom of a tank being cut

Oiltank3 670px 18 12 28A tank covered in thick jungle cover

Oiltank4 670px 18 12 28
Aerial view of the oil tank farm