Jul 10, 2018

This is how traffic fines would be imposed Featured

Measures would be taken to increase spot fines imposed on 33 traffic offences from July 15 under the Motor Traffic Act.

According to the police, The Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation has amended the spot fines for the relevant motor traffic offences, while the spot fines for 33 motor traffic offences will be increased by 30-50 percent.

The relevant amendments was published in a Extraordinary gazette notification on January 15th.

According to the police, new charge sheets will be issued with regard to the previous traffic offences that have already been produced before the court.

The amended spot fines are Rs 3000/- for exceeding the speed limit, Rs 2000/- for the Non-compliance with traffic rules/ Failure to obey directions and signals of police officers/ Not taking precautionary measure when parking a vehicle/ Instructing without an instructor’s license.

Rs 1000/- fine for excessive emission of noise from a vehicle/ Non-use of seat belts/ Not displaying the revenue license/ Using inappropriate signals when driving/ Failure to wear protective helmets/ Parking a vehicle on the road.

The relevant spot fines charge sheets have already been printed and handed over to all police stations and will be implemented by July 15.