Apr 03, 2018

Signs of non-academic employees protest ending tomorrow

The strike action that was staged for 34 days by the university non-academic staff based on 06 demands including the non-payment of monthly wages, is expected to be called off tomorrow (04).

The university non-academic workers unions had held a discussion with the subject minister Kabir Hashim yesterday and reached certain agreements.

However, the university non-academic staff unions collective said that with regard to the increase of salaries and allowances and several other demands, they would continue the strike action until a circular is issued based on the discussion they had with the minister.

The union’s co-president Edward Malwattage said if the circular is issued today (03) they would end the strike tomorrow (04).

Due to the university non-academic staff strike, all daily operations of the universities, including examinations have been affected, while the student unions had staged a protest recently demanding the opening of the universities.

They held a protest yesterday, based on several demands including the issue pertaining to the current system of salary increments.