Nov 15, 2017

Chinese Navy ship hosts ed Deck Reception in Colombo (Pics)

On 13rd November, Chinese Navy Ship Qi Jiguang hosted deck reception in Colombo. Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Sri Lanka - Yi Xianliang, State Minister of Defence of Sri Lank Hon. Ruwan Wijewardene, task commander Rear Admiral Yan Zhengming, Commander of Sri Lanka Lieutenant Genearal Mahesh Senanayake and high officials from Sri Lanka Armed forces and government, as well as members of diplomatic corps in Colombo attended the function.

Rear Admiral Yan welcomed distinguished representatives for attending the reception, thanked considerate arrangement, powerful support and cordial hospitality provided by Sri Lanka Navy. After which he expressed the best wish to enhance the friendship and cooperation between two Navies.

Hon. Ruwan Wijewardene said relationship between China and Sri Lanka spans more than 60 years, it lasts for centuries. On the historical moment of the 60th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations and the 65th Anniversary of the Signing of the Rubber & Rice Pact”, He was glad to see the friendship is continuing. China has always been a very warm friend of Sri Lanka. China helps Sri Lanka not only economically. During the internal conflicts, China offered huge help to Sri Lanka. Because of China, Sri Lanka government managed to defeat LTTE and won the peace. On behalf of tri-forces of Sri Lanka, he warmly welcome the visit of Chinese navy ship.

Ambassador Yi said that this is the fourth visiting Chinese Navy ship this year. The exchange between China and Sri Lanka especially two navies, becomes more and more frequently. They come here for peace, for cooperation and for friendship. Six hundred years ago, Zheng He, Admiral of Ming Dynasty, called on ports of Sri Lanka five times. This year, a lot of naval ships visited Sri Lanka including those from USA, Indian, Japan, Indonesia, Pakistan and others. Yi strongly appreciated the balance policy of Sri Lanka government that opened its port to everyone. As ambassador of China to Sri Lanka, he fully supports such balance policy of foreign affairs. Sri Lanka ‘s good relations with everyone is not only important for Sri Lanka, but also for China and other countries. He cited the motto of Alfred Thayer Mahan, one of the most important American strategist of the nineteenth century, “whoever dominates the Indian Ocean controls Asia”. Fortunately this anticipation didn’t come true. If some country dominates Indian Ocean, it might be a disaster for the whole region and human beings.

Yi further said there were more than 500 crews on board of Qi Jiguang. Most of them are students from Chinese Navy Academies. They came here to exchange with Sri Lankan Navy. All of them went out shopping, interacted with local people, which further improved understanding between each other and enhanced the friendship between them and Sri Lankan people.

Chinese Navy ship crew and Sri Lanka navy officers who have been trained in China brought wonderful performances for the guests during the reception.