Mar 16, 2017

Nation Lanka Finance to 'pocket' late monk's money

The Central Bank of Sri Lanka has received a complaint that a company named Nation Lanka Finance PLC is attempting to 'pocket' a substantial monetary deposit of a late Buddhist monk, reports say.

The monk, known by many as the Ven. Ruppagoda Thero had bequeathed his monetary savings  deposited with Nation Lanka Finance PLC to a female relative and her two children.

However, since the passing of the Thera, one of his disciples have reportedly teamed up with the company to divide the saved money among themselves.

Upon contacting the Customer Care Manager of the company - Ms. Diana, we were told that she was not at her seat at that moment and we were to meet with a company official named Mr. Milinda Rupasinghe, as it was not possible to provide company details over the phone.

Even after an appointment was finalised to meet Mr. Rupasinghe, we were again contacted by the company saying that the appointment will have to cancelled as they are unable to provide company details.

A further search revealed that the company's Director Board includes Mr. Jayantha Dharmadasa, Mr. Jayaprakash Rudra, Mr. Victor Ramanan, Mr. Harshith Dharmadasa, Mr. Lalith Karunaratne, Mr. K.M.S Kandegedara and Mr. Jayantha Perera.