Aug 13, 2018

69 JO MPs to become independent? Featured

Party leaders of the joint opposition will meet tomorrow (14) under the auspices of ex-president Mahinda Rajapaksa to decide if its 69 MPs should become independent in parliament.

Deputy chief organizer of the JO Ranjith de Soyza has told Mawbima that the decision would be taken in view of an argument that they should become independent in order to secure the opposition leader position.

Notwithstanding whatever arguments, the JO should have the position as it commands the majority in the opposition and if there is respect for the public opinion and democracy, he said.

If the MPs become independent, they face a risk from opponents of losing their seats, but all of them are prepared to make any sacrifice for the rights of the people, said de Soyza.

PrathibaMahanama 600px 16 12 24Will definitely get the position if they become independent – Prathibha MahanamahewaCommenting on this, former Human Rights commissioner Dr. Prathibha Mahanamahewa said the JO would definitely get the position if they became independent.

Risk is no concern

That will arise a likelihood that the UPFA general secretary will go to court to annual their seats, but the hearing will take up at least two years and in the meantime a parliamentary election will be held, he noted.

Mahnamahewa said that granting the opposition leader position to the TNA was wholly unacceptable if taken in the context of parliamentary democracy.

If the person who commands the parliamentary majority becomes the prime minister, the person who has the majority support in the opposition should become the opposition leader, he stressed.

The JO has the right to file a petition in the Supreme Court to secure the position, he added.