Aug 12, 2018

Thabbowa reservoir’s water level drops steeply (pics) Featured

The 15,400 acre feet capacity of Thabbowa reservoir that overflowed three months ago has now dropped to 7,000 acre feet, according to Puttalam irrigation engineer Dileep Hettiarachchi.

The causes for the steep drop of the waters are the fast vapourization due to the strong sun and heavy winds, and the releasing of the waters to paddy fields.

The reservoir spans over 1,500 acres and is bred by rainwater.

President of the Perakum farmers’ organization Sampath Chandana said farming, a water supply project that consumes 300,000 litres a day, another 300,000 litres transported daily by bowser and tractor and bathing requirements have been badly affected.

Paddy farmers who have cultivated around 3,000 acres are using the water sparingly, he said.

Farmers want the authorities to find a permanent source to maintain the water level of the reservoir.

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