Aug 12, 2018

Controversy over tennis contingent to Asian Games Featured

Courts have issued an order preventing the replacement of Sachini Jayasuriya with Anika Seneviratne in the Sri Lankan tennis contingent to the Asian Games in Indonesia.

Anika is the daughter of National Olympic Committee deputy president Asanga Seneviratne, who is close to NOC president Suresh Subramaniam.

Seneviratne is working to prevent Sachini’s participation in the Games that starts on August 18 in Jakarta.

Anjalika Kurera and Sachini qualified as the top two female tennis players at the qualifying tournament.

Both received walkovers over Anika, who failed to turn up for the matches.

However, the national tennis selection committee recommended Anika as the third player in the team to the Asian Games.

The six member contingent has been reduced to four members, dropping Sachini and another player.

NOC president Subramaniam also is a top official of the Sri Lanka Tennis Association.

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