Aug 11, 2018

Government in legal struggle! Hakeem, Mano meets Mahinda!! Featured

The government is caught up in a legal mess over the Provincial Council elections.

A meeting was called for the fourth time under the patronage of the Prime Minister last Thursday (09), but that too ended without a definite solution being reached.

As usual the SLFP ministers within the government have wanted the election held under the mixed electoral system, while the UNP members were of the view that it should be held according to the older proportional system.

The SLMC headed by Rauf Hakeem and the Tamil Progressive Front headed by Mano Ganesan had expressed their desire to hold the elections under the older proportionate system while the TNA too had expressed similar views.

The Joint Opposition was of the view that no matter under which system, the elections should be held without delay.

Although the JVP wanted the newer system based on policy, they too would prefer the election to be held without delay under any system.

Challenge of obtaining 2/3 majority!

If the provincial council elections are to be held under a mixed electoral system, then the delimitation report should be taken up for debate in parliament and passed with a 2/3rd majority.

However, without the vote of those opposing the new electoral system, this majority cannot be obtained.

If the elections are to be held under the older system, then it should be brought to parliament as an act and passed by a 2/3rd majority. But, without the votes of the SLFP who is opposing the older system, this too cannot be done.

Meanwhile, Rauf Hakeem and Mano Ganesan have met with former President Mahinda Rajapaksa last Thursday (09) to discuss matters pertaining to the Provincial Council elections.

Although there is word that in addition to the provincial council elections, the country’s political situation was also discussed at this meeting, the matters that were discussed has not been revealed.