Aug 09, 2018

Korean award for local Jackfruit ice-cream

A resident of Atulugama, Dehiowita K. Priyanthi Mallika has won third place (Bronze Medal) for her Jackfruit ice-cream at the World Women’s Innovative products competition held in Seoul, Korea.

She qualified to compete in the Seoul competition having won second place for her new ice cream flavour at the ‘Sahasak Nimawum’ innovative products competition organised by the Sri Lanka innovative products commission in 2017.

Commenting on her victory, Mallika said, “Annually we harvest around 480 million kg of jack fruit but we only consume around 110 million kg of it, according to research. Hence, I decided to invent healthy and tasty dishes using the jack fruit and this ice cream is such a creation. In addition around 600 other varieties of food items such as cakes, kavum, biscuits etc can also be made using the jack fruit. If this venture is pursued, a large segment of our society can find avenues of employment through such a project.”

“However, I have faced certain challenges such as labour for the supply of raw materials, equipment to preserve the fruit and lack of funds to purchase such equipment and lack of storage and building facilities etc. In other countries, when such new inventions are made they help these people to develop their products further and encourage them. But, unfortunately, in our country its not like that and although these new inventions take place, they simply fade off due to the lack of support. Our authorities should find better solutions to these issues and help these inventors to further their skills,” she added.


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