Aug 09, 2018

Suggestion over Gnanasara Thera’s clothing in prison! Featured

An interpretation of what Galagodaatte Gnansara Thera should wear during his term of imprisonment could be sought from the Supreme Court, says senior lecturer of law Dr. Prathibha Mahanamahewa of Colombo University’s law faculty.

That interpretation could be requested when appealing for bail, and then Gnanasara Thera could ask the prisons chief’s permission for him to wear suitable clothing other than the jumper, he has told ‘Mawbima.

If necessary, Buddhist monks could mediate and make a request through the Buddha Sasana Ministry too, he said.

Mahanamahewa noted that instances have been rare in which monks have been imprisoned over contempt of court charges.

Such requests are optional only, as the prison law does not allow an imprisoned Buddhist monk to wear any clothing other than a jumper, he said.

The prisons commissioner has to take the decision, he also said.

The court of appeal yesterday (08) sentenced Gnanasara Thera to a 19 year prison term with hard labour, to be served in six years.