Aug 06, 2018

TV actor in trouble over threatening student with nude photos

A young teacher who taught computer science at a school in Bibile, who had stolen some nude photos of an A/L student that were in her mobile phone and used them to blackmail her into giving his sexual favours, was caught by the Monaragala Division CID on August 4th.

Based on information received by the Monaragala Division SP Sujith Wedamulla that nude photos were being exchanged between four tuition teachers in the Bibila area and the said student through Viber and Emo technology, investigations were carried out by the Monaragala Division Crime Prevention Unit OIC Chief Inspector Wilfred Silva and a team of police officers, who had summoned the student and her parents to the police station and based on interrogations, the suspect teacher was arrested.

The student had told police that the suspect teacher had hacked her mobile and obtained her nude photos and had been threatening to release them to the internet if she did not provide him sexual favours.

However, the police stated that four other tuition masters had been found to have maintained Facebook contact with the student and they had been exchanging nude pictures among them from 2016.

Teledrama actor also involved

It has also been revealed that a local teledrama actor had also been exchanging nude pictures through their mobile phones on Viber and Emo with the student.

The police said that a special unit has been established to investigate cybercrimes and as soon as the investigations are completed, the other tuition masters and all those involved in this act would also be arrested.

The compute science teacher who was arrested was produced before the Bibila Magistrate yesterday.

Further investigations are being carried out by the OIC of the Crimes Investigation Division under CI Wilfred Silva and a team of police officers on the directions of the Monaragala SP Sujith Wedamulla and SP Tillakaratne.


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