Aug 05, 2018

Poachers kill Somawathiya wildlife by poisoning water! (Pics)

A man who had been hunting wildlife at the Somawathiya National Park by poisoning them, has been arrested today (05), 'Sri Lanka Mirror' learns.

Speaking to us, park warden - K.A. Upali Kumarasinghe said that the suspect has been revealed to be a resident in the Thalakolawewa area in Medirigiriya.

Noting that the suspect had revealed of several others involved, Mr. Kumarasinghe added that they too would be arrested as soon as possible.

Taking advantage of the prevailing drought, the poachers have been mixing poison to small water tanks in the park, annihilating all wildlife coming to them for water.

The arrest had been made after residents had informed wildlife officials that deer, stags, tortoises and crocodiles living near these tanks have been found dead.

Residents charge that these suspects have poisoned the waters of Paththini Wewa and Agbopura Wewa as well as small streams.

They add that poachers engage in this inhumane act during the drought season every year.

However, cattle owners are well aware of the poisoned water bodies, hence their livestock remain safe, they add.

Mr. Kumarasinghe also urged residents not to eat wildmeat as the meat is poisoned.

(Pics : W.A. Piyatillake - Polonnaruwa correspondent)