Aug 01, 2018

Intoxicated club dancer smashes police station’s windows

A club dancer employed at a night club in Colpetty area had been brought to the Colpetty Police to investigate a dispute and as she was in an intoxicated state, had created a row and smashed several windows at the police station. She was later arrested on Monday.

The suspect dancer had got into a fight with several others and the bouncers at the club had assaulted her and thrown her out. The police had received a 119 emergency call that she was lying on the ground having been beaten up, and a team of police officers had brought her to the police station for investigations.

The security guard at the night club had also been arrested yesterday over the assault. The assaulted dancer had been admitted to the Colombo National hospital for treatment. Further investigations are being carried out by the Colpetty Police.